24 oktober 2020

The Giffy card; one size fits all

The Giffy card; a digital giftcard that gives the most choice for all. A wide variety of retailers and brands to choose from: VVV cadeau, Nintendo, […]
24 oktober 2020

Fans create Fans.

Giffy can now generate digital discount vouchers! Check out our New York Pizza project where their customers get the opportunity to send a 25% discount voucher […]
19 april 2020

Giffy for Salesforce Service Cloud

Giffy for Salesforce Service Cloud These past few months we have been working on integrating Giffy into Salesforce Service Cloud. The new Giffy order portal, where […]
20 maart 2020

Get maximum conversion

Our Giffy Choice Card Don’t know exactly what to give? Then consider the Giffy Choice Card. With this Choice Card you’re customer can choose whatever giftcard […]
20 maart 2020


From iloveGiffy.com In 2018 we started bouncing ideas around for a giftcard solution that would be easy, fun, personal and without single use plastic! After several […]