is the gifting and incentive platform for consumer to consumer gifting.
In 2015 we started bouncing ideas around for a giftcard solution that would be easy, fun, personal and without single use plastic!
After several brainstorming sessions, the idea of ​​Giffy was born; give each other real-time digital gift cards via whatsapp or email, wrapped in a personal video or photo.

Our goal was to create the perfect digital gift experience. Thereby focussing on content and user experience.


We developed and partnered with all the major giftcard brands such as Zalando, Spotify, Nintendo and Sony.
Giffy is currently available in 6 languages in 7 European countries.

Want to be inspired in how to wrap a giftcard in a video message?

We’ll keep on building our fanbase throughout Europe with special promotions and new features so everyone can send a personalized gift and hereby eliminating useless polluting gifts.

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