The Plasticfree Lifestyle Gift Card can be redeemed at, the department store for a plastic-free lifestyle.

Would you like a life with less plastic waste? Whether you are already well on your way or have yet to take the first steps: is there for everyone who would like to contribute to a cleaner planet. Based on the categories Bathroom, Kitchen, Household, Children and On the road, the shop takes you along handy plastic replacement items for your daily life. This makes adjusting your lifestyle fun and very easy!

From fragrant, natural shampoo bars and deodorants to compostable kitchen foil, and from bamboo toothbrushes to sturdy, sustainable thermoses: you’ll find it all in this one-stop-shop.

Like Giffy, supports the Plastic Soup Foundation. We joined forces on our mission to reduce microplastics and plastic waste. We need consumers and companies to make this happen. Will you join us?

Now that's how you wrap a Giffy!

Kraft Heinz uses Giffy to send their employees the Giffy card as a digital reward. They wrap it with this fantastic video! Do you want one? and we’ll make one, FREE of charge.

Mar 2021: Giffy is now an official ECO angel of the Plastic Soup Foundation

Jan/Feb 2021: Some great new international customers that have joined Giffy’s mission. 


Dec 2020: Check out this message about Giffy from Apple Co-Founder, Steven Wozniak.

Okt 2020: Check out our new Giffy movie that explains what we are all about.

May 2020: KPN has launched their KPN Giffy card, that can exclusively be redeemed on 

Jan 2020: The Giffy Card let’s the recipient switch to a giftcard of their preferred brand. It’s reloadable, so companies can have an effective and continuous relationship with their staff and customers. Get your Giffy Card and redeemshop in your own look and feel!