• Digital Giffy
    Digital Giffy € 1,- to € 500,- only pay face value

    Gift codes with which digital gift vouchers and tickets can be purchased in the Giffy store.

  • Giffy Tag
    Giffy Tag € 1,- to € 500,- only pay face value

    Giffy code on a sticker that you can add to any product or item. The QR code contains the personal (video) message.

  • Greeting card + Giffy
    Greeting card + Giffy €2,50 + face value

    A greeting card with a Giffy code, including QR code. This QR code contains the personal (video) message.

  • Your personal video/photo
    Your personal video/photo Included

    Add a custom image, video or photo.

  • Your professional video message
    Your professional video message On request

    A professional video message that fits your target audience and campaign and is added to your Giffy. The video is produced by Giffy's creative team.

  • Your own Giffy store
    Your own Giffy store On request

    The Giffy store where all Giffy codes can be redeemed, in the look and feel of your company.

  • Giffy API
    Giffy API On request

    With the Giffy API you can sell Giffy's on your own website. Contact us for more information.