KPN rewards it's customers

KPN rewards it’s customers with a KPN-style Giffy code. With the KPN Giffy code you can choose your favorite gift card at KPN’s  Giffy shop.

Why Giffy? 
“Because with Giffy we don’t need to come up with specific gifts for specific groups of customers. They can choose their own gift, so it’s always a success. And there is no logistics involved. We send everything straight away to the customers.”  Stijn Rohof, KPN Marketing.

Clay Solutions incentivizes with personal video.

Giffy offers creative solutions for personalizing campaigns.

Clay Solutions gave its employees a Giffy as a gift and made use of the ‘personal movie generator’. A personalized message ensures a higher appreciation of the gift.

Wine with a Giffy Tag.

Giffy codes can be added to any product, creating a combination of physical and digital.

The QR code contains the link to the personal (video) message and to the Goffy store.

Greeting card with a Giffy.

At Kaartje2Go you can send real greeting cards online. From now on you can also add a Giffy gift code. The recipient can immediately redeem it for a digital gift card of  their choice.

Flowers and Giffy at e-Bloom.

At e-Bloom you can order flowers and plants online. It is the greenest supplier of beautiful bouquets. From now on it is possible to add a Giffy gift code to the bouquet. This makes the bouquet a full-fledged gift.

Giffy suitable for webcare.

“Where there is work, mistakes are made.” The trick is to solve it quickly and properly. Brands don’t want disgruntled customers to roam the web and share their unhappy experience.

Heineken and Vrumona have deployed Giffy to compensate the customer quickly and satisfactorily if something goes wrong. A branded gift card incl. personal video from customer service is sent directly from the Giffy dashboard. The gift card code can be redeemed for special content related to Heineken. (restaurants, gall&gall, Albert Heijn etc)

KPN acquires customers with Giffy.

Member get Member programs are an excellent way to acquire customers. Paying out a monetary reward often presents the necessary challenges and it is not really experienced as a gift. That is why KPN has chosen to distribute Giffy gift codes to existing and new customers of the Member get Member program. So no bank details need to be exchanged. Everyone will receive their Giffy quickly and digitally and can choose a gift card of their choice in the KPN Giffy shop

Microsoft Europe rewards staff.

Microsoft uses Giffy to reward employees in more than 20 countries. From the Giffy dashboard, employees receive an email containing the Giffy gift code and a personal message from the management.

Employee benefits with Yourcampus.

YourCampus makes flexible rewarding employees easy. Via the platform, SMEs and scale-ups can now easily reward their employees via secondary employment conditions that match a person’s personal situation and interests. Whether they work at home, in the office or remotely. Because employees can choose benefits themselves, including Giffy’s, they are more motivated and their well-being and bond with the employer improves.